The Original Founders

D&D Ingredient Distributors, Inc. (D&D) was established in September of 1976 by Donald & Dorothy as an oats cleaning company.
Donald (Doc) purchased an oats cleaner and began buying oats from local elevators and farmers. Once cleaned, the oats were sold and shipped to state of Kentucky for racehorses. This allowed the company to pick up distillers in Kentucky at whiskey distillers and then deliver them to customers in Eastern Ohio. This led to picking up feed grade salt from salt mines in Eastern Ohio, which was then packaged into 50 pound bags. This began the process of adding additional ingredients to feed manufacturers throughout 26 states. To date D&D offers more than 500 products. 
In January 1989, "D&D Grain" changed their name to D&D Ingredient Distributors Inc., to reflect that D&D was dealing more in feed ingredients than grains.
As of 2016, D&D has 320,000+ square feet of warehouse space, in addition to 1,425 tons of overhead storage and 4,500 tons of flat storage for bulk materials. D&D has a staff of 80 employees.
D&D has become very diverse in their 40 years of experience, serving 26 states with a major market of customers in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee & Michigan. D&D focuses on the needs of its customers. The goal is to provide quality service and products. D&D services include rail transloading, blending, packaging, drying, grinding, storage of bulk ingredients, storage of packaged ingredients, and ingredient distribution.